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Apple Music Classical video tour; listen on Mac or iPad; more

A new Apple Music Classical video tour provides a quick overview of the app, highlighting the powerful search features, hidden gems by popular composers, the ability to browse by instrument, and more.

Apple has also explained a workaround for the fact that the app is only available on iOS, explaining how to listen to your selections in the main Apple Music app …

The video (below) opens with the headline feature of the app: powerful search functionality designed specifically for classical music.

Here’s a look inside Apple Music Classical, a new app with the world’s largest classical music catalog that elevates your listening experience like never before. Apple music classical has a search created for the nuances of the music looking for a specific concerto or even a conductor or Opus number now you can easily find the exact recording you want.

Search also supports alternative names, and multiple languages. For example, Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 can also be found under its informal name, Moonlight Sonata, as well as other languages, like Mondschein Sonata.

Apple goes on to highlight the Listen Now tab, which includes hidden gems from popular composers, new releases, and the ability to browse by instrument.

The company also points to the hi-res lossless format, with streaming available at up to 192kHz at 24-bit, with “thousands” of recordings in Dolby Atmos for Spatial Audio.

One of the disappointments with Apple Music Classical is that there’s no Mac, iPad, or CarPlay app. However, the company does point to a workaround for this.

Your classical collection is synced between the two apps because they share the same music library. So any classical tracks, albums, and playlists saved in Apple Music will also be available in Apple Music Classical – and vice versa […]

Classical fans who want to listen on their MacBook, iPad, or in their car can open Apple Music to enjoy the tracks, albums, and playlists they saved in Apple Music Classical, thanks to the shared music library.

That does, though, mean doing your search in the Classical app first, saving the results, so is rather clunky.

There have been complaints that the launch is not truly global, as it excludes six major countries: China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, and Turkey. Apple offers no explanation for this, though Russia may be excluded due to sanctions, and the other exclusions likely relate to licensing issues.

You can watch the Apple Music Classical video tour below.

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