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Astropad Darkboard for iPad upgraded with handy foldable stand

Last fall Astropad, the makers of Astropad Studio and Luna Display launched a handy tool for artists and creators using iPad called Darkboard. Now the ultra-lightweight ergonomic drawing surface has been enhanced with a foldable stand.

In case you missed it when it launched, here’s how Astropad describes Darkboard:

“We know that creatives use iPad for work because it’s powerful and versatile. But, the iPad alone often isn’t very comfortable to use the way most modern creatives work — on the go, on the couch, or in bed. That’s why we created Darkboard.”

Now Astropad has improved Darkboard with a foldable stand that offers two angles to make it more convenient to use in more places. That means you can use it with an easel setup, vertical setup, or in your lap.

Darkboard also comes with a neoprene sleeve that’s stain, water, oil, and heat resistant.

Astropad Darkboard with stand specs

  • Compatible with 12.9″ iPad Pro (3rd gen and later), 11″ iPad Pro, and 10.9″ iPad Air
    • Does not work with the iPad mini or 10th gen iPad
  • Weighs just 1.4 pounds – lighter than Darkboard’s packaging
  • Mimics the ergonomics of steering wheels, maximizing comfort
  • Secure hard enclosure for iPad and Apple Pencil
  • Made from molded EVA foam unibody – high-performance material used in pro sports equipment
    • Polycarbonate iPad cradle
  • Grippy top surface texture
  • Camera hole, Apple Pencil storage, charging port access, and 1mm drop cushion
  • New: Foldable Stand
    • A compact and sturdy companion stand for Darkboard. The Stand accommodates two angle options — the Easel Setup for drawing, or the Desktop Setup for a vertical display. 
  • Price: $99 (normally $119.99)

Pre-orders are open now with the all-new Darkboard shipping in 3 weeks to the first customers.

Here’s a closer look at the original promo video for Darkboard:

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