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How many OS updates will the Pixel Fold receive?

How many OS updates will the Pixel Fold receive?

Best answer: At least 5 years’ worth of updates. Like all of Google’s latest smartphones, the Pixel Fold comes with the promise of at least 5 years of security updates. This ensures that if there are security patches, bug fixes, and other critical updates, the phone will receive them through 2028. However, unlike some other Pixel devices, Google has not yet confirmed how many major OS updates the Google Pixel Fold will receive.

How long will the Google Pixel Fold be current?

The Google Pixel Fold, which was announced at the Google I/O conference in May and will officially be available in June (though on pre-order right now), will come loaded with the latest Android OS. It will launch with Android 13 but will be released in tandem with Android 14. So you’ll be able to update quickly to that OS after purchase. There are special benefits for the Pixel Fold with Android 14, including a Dual Screen interpreter feature that uses both the inner and outer screens to translate live conversations, in real-time. 

After that, it’s presumed that the Google Pixel Fold will follow suit with other Pixel devices, like the just-announced Google Pixel 7a as well, in receiving at least three years of major OS updates. Thus, you should be able to upgrade it to both Android 15 and Android 16 as those new versions of the operating system are released over the next few years. However, Google has not yet confirmed this definitively, so we'll have to wait and see.

Most important, however, is that security updates will be received through 2028. With some Android OS updates being more iterative than ground-breaking, it’s likely that the Fold will be considered current even after it no longer supports OS upgrades. However, since OS upgrades may include features specific to the folding capabilities of the device, having the latest and greatest features could be more critical than it is with other phones. 

With that said, chances are that Google will release a second-generation Pixel Fold at some time within the next several years. At this point, you’ll probably want to upgrade anyway. But with a confirmed five years of security updates and a likely three years of OS updates, the phone will still be a viable and valuable option for many years to come. So, feel free to buy it with the comfort that you can pass it down to a friend, or family member, or resell it once you’re ready to upgrade, even if it’s within the next 2-3 years. 

This longevity along with other impressive features of the phone, like the Google Tensor G2 chip, custom-built durable hinge, and water resistance, will easily make the Google Pixel Fold rank among the best foldable phones


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