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Mario Day on iPhone brings limited-time Mario Kart track

Today is Mario Day and Nintendo and Apple are celebrating in a couple of ways with Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run on iPhone. Mario Kart Tour has added a limited-time retro track plus special retro-inspired accessories to scoop up and Super Mario Run is unlocking paid levels for free leading up to The Super Mario Bros. Movie launch.

Mario Kart Tour special content

In the App Store, Apple is highlighting the limited-time special new retro track and accessories in Mario Kart Tour that you can find specifically on the DS Mario Circuit track.

In honor of Mario Day-celebrated around the world on March 10 (“Mar10,” get it?)-Mario Kart Tour revisits a beloved course from yesteryear. Take a spin through the DS Mario Circuit and pick up retro-inspired accessories!

If you don’t have it already, Mario Kart Tour is a free download on iPhone and iPad with in-app purchases. The game is currently in Season 8 which features 8-bit drivers.

Super Mario Run – free levels

Also for Mario Day and to promote The Super Mario Bros. Movie that comes out on April 5, 2023, Nintendo has opened up its mostly paid Super Mario Run (via Nintendo Life).

The new update “Added a feature in which you can play one stage for free each day even if you haven’t purchased Super Mario Run by linking to a Nintendo Account.”

Whether you haven’t played in a while or have never tried it, you can download Super Mario Run for free from the App Store and enjoy the free levels as long as you have or create a Nintendo Account.

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