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Nest Thermostat picks up support for Matter

The rollout of Matter across Google’s ecosystem has been relatively quick, and now the company is bringing support to another device. The 2020 Nest Thermostat is adding Matter support, with the rollout starting today.

The new Nest Thermostat, released almost three years ago at this point in 2020, debuted as a more affordable version of Nest’s flagship product. And all this time later, it’s still the only new thermostat product Google has released, with the Nest Learning Thermostat released in 2015 still available today.

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But it’s the 2020 model that’s getting a major update starting this week, with Google launching Matter support for the Nest Thermostat starting today.

The update, announced in a community post, opens up the Nest Thermostat to the new smart home standard and the benefits that brings. The biggest perk that users will enjoy is the ability for Nest Thermostat owners to adjust temperatures and enjoy basic controls of their thermostats across Matter-compatible smart home platforms.

Great news! We’re rolling out Matter compatibility for our newest Nest Thermostat released in 2020. This means you can now adjust the temp and change your thermostat’s mode with multiple Matter-certified smart home platforms and apps.

As The Verge confirmed, that includes Apple Home, which means iOS 16.4 users can use the Nest Thermostat in Apple’s home control app without the need of third-party hardware or services. This will be available through a Matter pairing code that will appear within the Google Home app and allow users to pair the thermostat to any other Matter-compatible app. Notably, though, you’ll likely need an Android phone to do this, as the Google Home app on iOS doesn’t support Matter yet.

Notably, too, the Nest Thermostat is the one of the first thermostats to support the Matter standard.

The Nest Thermostat will get its Matter update starting today with the rollout taking place “over the next few weeks,” but it’s the only thermostat being updated. Google is apparently still exploring Matter for the Thermostat E and the Learning Thermostat. The company also mentioned to The Verge that future Nest Thermostats will ship with Matter support out of the box.

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