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Pixelmator Photo renamed to Photomator, adds AI-powered subject selection and more

Pixelmator Photo is getting a rebrand. The new name for the app — currently available on iPhone and iPad with a Mac version coming soon — is Photomator.

Alongside the name change, today’s 2.3 update adds a suite of new features revolving around selective adjustments, including AI selections, brush selections and gradient mask tools.

Previous versions of Photomator were concentrated on edits that applied to the entire image. Now with selective adjustments released as part of version 2.3, users can make adjustments to smaller sections of a photo.

You can make manual selections using a brush tool, or apply gradient masks with a smooth falloff. Photomator takes advantage of AI algorithms to offer automatic selection tools as well, quickly isolating elements like the subject, sky, and background separately.

Further refine selections with add and subtract boolean operations. Photomator enables a non-destructive editing workflow by separating a selection onto its own layer, with independent Color Adjustments applied.

Photomator for Mac launching in May

The team announced today that the highly-anticipated Mac version of Photomator is on track to launch in May. They also gave a look at the upcoming feature roadmap for Photomator, which you can see on their website.

Photomator is available exclusively on the App Store. The app costs $5.49 per month or $29.99 per year. A $99 lifetime one-time purchase option is also available.

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