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The best Mastodon app for iPhone and iPad is now on the Mac

Participating in Mastodon from the Mac just got a lot easier. Tapbots is officially launching Ivory for macOS today.

Ivory for Mac is available through the Universal subscription tier. Universal, which was previously called Premier, costs $24.99/year and includes access to Ivory on each platform. The cheaper Pro tier is unchanged at $14.99/year and unlocks the iPhone and iPad apps. Mac-only and monthly subscription tiers are available as well. Tapbots explains the changes below:

We’ve decided to keep things simple as far as subscriptions go. If you paid for “Premier”, you’ll automatically get access to the Mac app as we have changed “Premier” to “Universal”. If you paid for “Pro”, you’ll get the same access to “iOS + iPadOS”. If you upgrade to “Universal”, your sub date will reset and you’ll be refunded the remainder of your Pro subscription.

Ivory has already become a must-have app for Mastodon users on the iPhone and iPad. The makers of Tweetbot invested heavily in the development of Ivory during the recent Twitter exodus before Twitter abruptly pulled the plug on third-party clients.

Other options for using Mastodon on the Mac include Mona, Ice Cubes, and Mammoth. Each of these apps offers a unique set of features with different customization options, power user features, and more.

Since launching in January, updates to Ivory have added post editing, account creation, a Safari extension, and more. The Ivory user experience is familiar to former users of Tweetbot. For new users, Ivory provides a best-in-class experience for fans of good apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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