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This RLCD ePaper display has a front light & is harmless to your eyes

Stepping up the ePaper game is the Eyemoo NXT Epaper S1 60 Hz color RLCD ePaper. While other ePaper displays don’t protect your eyes, this one does. Not only that, but it also makes reading in low-light conditions a breeze.

– Harmless to your eyes, it uses revolutionary Full Reflection Screen technology to reflect ambient light.
– It also reduces blue light and screen flicker for a comfortable viewing experience even during extended use.
– With a 60 Hz refresh rate, it can easily display graphics and videos.
– Additionally, its Reflective Front Light technology uses a light guide layer that prevents direct light from harming your eyes while providing a natural viewing experience. Say goodbye to eye strain!
– Surpassing traditional RLCD displays, this 10-inch color RLCD screen has a higher resolution and greater color capabilities than most.
– It uses a special reflector to replace the traditional LED backlight layer that filters out high-energy and penetrating light that’s harmful to human eyes.

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